7/11/19 Psssstttt...

We are getting ready for our 11th Anniversary are YOU!? Nikki had us feelin' POODIEZ VIBE! https://youtu.be/Of5bQB2op60

and showed us how to do in in 24! https://youtu.be/vVE9fdGidp4. Lisa was our next double featured! She give us Zach2U! https://youtu.be/n9mNYv1lShk

and My Heart is Yearnin'! https://youtu.be/tRRSfWCCgCQ

Misha have us WANNA PARTY! https://youtu.be/sC-Z5VxymO0 But wait....Miss Peaches have given us an IMPROMPTU moment! https://youtu.be/Ch8dUFiFKq8 and just in time cause Nikki got us back on the STL BATTLEFIELD! https://youtu.be/_Uft3g-3zTU which is a really smooth dance. But its Misha's TRIPLE THREAT! that really took us out! https://youtu.be/HInTB04q8Y4

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