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SSS Privacy

Welcome to South Side Steppers, ATL. Here we respect your privacy and consider it our responsibility to protect information provided by you. Everything about what we do with your information collected from you, including collection, usage, and disclosure, is mentioned in our Privacy Policy.

We believe that you trust us with your data and it is our duty to let you know that we are protecting it. It is recommended that you take a look at this policy whenever you visit the website, there may be any changes that took place. We do not sell, rent, trade, or lease any personal information collected at our site. 

Privacy Policy applies to you on any kind of interaction with our website when you are providing us with your data.
We need to collect information from you whenever you are placing an order or doing any such thing that requires your data, as we need it for processing. The data we collect may include your name, email address, and postal address, mailing address, numbers including fax, telephone, and mobile, payment details, payment card details, or bank account details. The information isn’t limited to the above-mentioned only. You will be given the option of saving this information when you make your purchase. We may collect more information based on the nature of your order. This information is always kept safe and confidential and will not be distributed. 

For the purpose of improving and making your interaction and time at our website better, we may collect some information from you. This information includes but is not limited to your login details, your payment methods and details, ways how you access and use our website. Any data collected will be used in accordance with this privacy

Consent is not a condition of purchase. You are in total control of your online account at our website. You can delete it any time you want by simply signing in from your account and deleting it, furthermore, you can contact us also for the deletion. However, we may keep certain information as we are bound by the law.

As we are operating in the United States of America we are bound to follow the laws and regulations of the country. Our Privacy Policy is purely based on the governing U.S laws. Furthermore, you acknowledge the fact that whenever you reach or benefit from our website your information might be shared with the United States or any other country.
Sharing of this information with other entities might be because of one of the following reasons:


  • When you are violating the Terms and Conditions of our website

  • When you want your information to be shared without any influence of others including law

  • When your actions are causing trouble to us or any linked entity and other users of the website

  • When it is required by the law we are operating under to share your information

  • When the sale of our business is taking place, we will share the information with the company that is buying

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