9/26/19 We Shut it Down!!

Misha showed us how to be SO SO FLY! https://youtu.be/IbAME06u2L0

Chandra let us know that when it's all said and done, just BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE!


Peaches introduced a new dance K2C TO BE REAL! https://youtu.be/kG7QlLR-vu4 If you are an ol' school fan of Cheryl Lynn's To Be Real, you will enjoy the remix on this!

Oh Lawd! Lisa loves that CARDIO LINE DANCE! https://youtu.be/_Z29ZbJtXCc

And what is quickly becoming not just Misha's favorite...BRAT BA-DO!


And thanks to Lisa, there was no other way to end the night than with our other favorite...

STEADY LOVE! https://youtu.be/ag-rnH0yZF8

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