3/28/19 We Back At It!

Updated: May 14, 2019

OMG, Peaches had us GET GROWN but I guess getting grown also means your memory gets rusty because I can't remember the dance! LOL! In the meantime Misha, yes girl, we WANNA PARTY! https://youtu.be/sC-Z5VxymO0. Nikki, I know it's been longer than 7 DAYS cause I can't remember that dance either! Yes Peaches yes, I can can feel it; CAN YOU FEEL IT! https://youtu.be/fO3ARtgwW84. And thank you Yo Yo, for the flashback! That's why are SO IN LOVE https://youtu.be/7UiSL2ySWYk with ya! And Lisa always makes sure that it FEELS SO RIGHT! https://youtu.be/Df_aRxQxMQ0, I know Nikki, even if its a LO-KE KINDA LOVE! https://youtu.be/AJGa4oZe4iE. That's why sometime you have to PULL UP! https://youtu.be/q6JUTo_9yyU But it in the end, its all good cause we have NOTHING TO PROVE! https://youtu.be/IMKtpo3uLbk

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