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Come join this popular style of line dancing that consists of structured dance routines done at most social events and nightclubs. It is similar to country line dancing but danced to R&B, Hip-Hop, or Jazz music. Soulful line dancing is done across the nation. No experience is needed. It's easy to do by following the instructor. It is fun, exciting, and great for getting exercising. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and comfortable street shoes.
Two-Step, not to be confused with the country two-step, is one of the most practical and versatile social dances ever conceived. It is designed to be used with contemporary and smooth R&B. This type of music is common just about everywhere, nightclubs, radio, etc. The rhythm of the dance is very simple and rarely changes from the 1 & 2 counts. This romantic dance fills a gap where no other ballroom dance fits. It gives the dancer, whether beginning or advanced, the opportunity to express and create without requiring the use of a rigid technique. The Two-Step is attractive, romantic, and is a real asset to line dancing. The Hustle is a member of the Swing family and is like the West Coast Swing in the pattern. It has a distinct flavor utilizing flamboyant Disco-style music. Its great accomplishment was to bring partner-style dancing back into vogue among nightclub dancers in the 70's. The Hustle is a fast, smooth dance, with constant spinning.
Cha-Cha is an exciting syncopated Latin dance, the Cha-Cha originated in the 1950s as a slowed-down Mambo. During the 1950s, the Cha Cha was made famous by many Latino bands. Cuban in origin, the Cha Cha rhythm is found in much of today's popular music. The Cha-Cha gathers its personality, character, rhythm, basis, and charm from two major dance sources. It is a derivation of the Mambo through its Latin music; it is also a step-child of the Swing, as it is danced to its 1-2-3, step-step rhythm. The Cha-Cha gets its name and character from its distinct repetitive foot rhythm.
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