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This is what we do on Thursday Nights!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

(3/14/19) Do-Ya? Do-Ya!? Yeah you do and Towanda, Shannon and Deborah showed us how. They created and debuted a South Side Stepper original. As a matter of fact, if you listen closely to the lyrics you might hear just how much Deborah inspired the song! wink, wink! You want to see? DO-YA! c In the meantime and between time...yes, Misha we WANNA PARTY and when we do we're gonna POP THAT like Nikki showed us cause that's what GOOD GOOD do, right Kevin? Shannon said if you tired from your TWEAK, let Misha give you THAT MAGIC so NikkI can teach you how PULL UP

South Side Steppers believe in putting ATL and the South on the map when it comes to line dancing. And when you can't come to the party..we take the party to YOU! Special community event March 30th, we will debut yet another South Side Stepper original call the South Side Boogie! Thanks Lisa and Chanda...ya'll make me wanna find flapper dress!

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