• South Side Steppers

This is what we do on Thursday Nights!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019


Shannon is always making us TWERK! https://youtu.be/mpt73ME_bI8 but its Misha that makes you WANNA PARTY!https://youtu.be/sC-Z5VxymO0 Once we got warmed up Nikki,as always, made us POP THAT! https://youtu.be/xGF_6hp8ebA whew!!! We had a guest in the house Tamara So Fulfilled Harris, who gave us a SIMPLE GROOVE! https://youtu.be/GVTz_9T0kz4 That inspired Misha to show us THAT MAGIC!https://youtu.be/W4JZ9oie44Y. But wait....its Nikki again....what? I SAID WHAT I SAID! And to close out the night, Kevin told us all that we got that GOOD GOOD! https://youtu.be/J3CnRYYD2G8

Don't sleep on next week!

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