8/22/19 So which is it for you?

While it seems like those in the South were trying to decide Popeye's over Chick-fil-A WE were trying to decide old school over new school line dances!

Lisa showed learning a line dance can be as hot as a CALI MORNING! https://youtu.be/VNxXSmluCnA

And at the same time, she showed us how line dancing can also be a SOSU EASY STEP!


WELL, WELL, WELL! https://youtu.be/W_4DUR-zzs4 That's what Nikki said, when it looked like we were still undecided. So she gave us a new school dance that came with a little LO-KEY KINDA LOVE! https://youtu.be/jw3Bjb-jyQ8.

But wait....Muriam aka Hype took us back 8 years with RUDE BOY! https://youtu.be/XXT784Zs1CY

So....which did YOU decide?


SOUTH SIDE FLAVA! https://youtu.be/XHpKFRBN_cQ

S4L MY HEART IS YERNIN! https://youtu.be/tRRSfWCCgCQ

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