8/1/19 We are just as HOT as Summertime!

And what a way to keep the heat coming! Chandra Wilson, of South Side Steppers 6 Figures (MY LINE SISTER!!) showed us how to give STEADY LOVE! https://youtu.be/gaBQB-5tL9A

Our very own Prez Reggie Dean showcased the dance he and his daughter, Lauren McNeal created and its only fitting that the name is SOUTH SIDE FLAVA! https://youtu.be/XHpKFRBN_cQ

Check back next week for the video!

And look who came through! New Orleans own LADY D! And now you know she couldn't just come through and chill. She gave us a lil PURE WATER! https://youtu.be/ZTYIcNPqMn8

with a taste of NOLA GIRL! https://youtu.be/pVtvi_DVp2U

And we were just getting started!! We had to get ready for Misha with the JB FEEL GOOD! https://youtu.be/idd-gKzKxcM

DANCES IN REVIEW: In the words of the late Teena Marie: "I've been here before...."

POODIEZ VIBE! https://youtu.be/Of5bQB2op60

CARMEL! https://youtu.be/Q9du9QFVdNg

M-TOWN SAFARI! - https://youtu.be/FUL9RjZW7EA

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