6/27/19 Say Whhhaaatttt....

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Thursday nights are all about getting it in! Shannon made of that with NOLA BEFORE I LET GO! https://youtu.be/RaA_UI8iy5U down solid. Misha gave us that TRIPLE THREAT! https://youtu.be/HInTB04q8Y4

And Nikki put us on the STL Battlefield! https://youtu.be/_Uft3g-3zTU. Shannon gave us that CARMEL! https://youtu.be/gHYJFtWJkuw

And of course Misha had to give us that T&T EXPLOSIVE! https://youtu.be/XjiXBSF6mhU

Lastly, no one can Go Get It like Nikki's THELMA & LOUISE!



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