6/13/19 It's Thursday! This is What We DO!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

YAAAASSSSS! It's Thursday Night at Grown Folks and South Side Steppers are ready! We started with a review from last week: Reggie: SIMPLE LOVE! https://youtu.be/ZpJNaLNTdzk Lisa: BURN! https://youtu.be/Mg8azVyA5nY, Yolanda: 24K MAGIC! https://youtu.be/IhPKtwqcdIM. Shannon took us to New Orleans with the newest line dance, NOLA BEFORE I LET GO! https://youtu.be/RaA_UI8iy5U. Lisa showed us what SAME SQUAD! https://youtu.be/fDSfpwwRNq4 should look like. With almost 2 million views, Shannon shared an oldie but goodie: LET'S GET IT POPPIN! https://youtu.be/Z-GkiANyWdk. And we wrapped the night up with our very own Misha aka Covergirl, along with Tamara Harris hot new line dance: T&T Explosive! https://youtu.be/XjiXBSF6mhU

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