5/9/19 Two Weeks in a Row!

Updated: May 29, 2019

So excited to get it in back to back! Thank you Lisa for CALI MORNING! https://youtu.be/VNxXSmluCnA and Shannon for OLD TOWN ROAD! https://youtu.be/MXVOBemHaCM. Misha called out my UNCLE RUCKUS! https://youtu.be/aB18CXWxTGQ. And Nikki called up my cousin JP WURK! https://youtu.be/HkcIeSfeuGQ Kevin showed us what was going on in DAT JOINT! https://youtu.be/jqgI7WD-TG8 and OMG Lisa let us know you do not want to be found in M-TOWN SAFARI! https://youtu.be/FUL9RjZW7EA if you have asthma! After that workout, thank you Nikki cause we needed a LO-KE KINDA LOVE! https://youtu.be/AJGa4oZe4iE. Misha reminded us at the end of the day DO YOU! https://youtu.be/VbxO23qcgOk

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