5/23/19 A first...

Our very own Nikki DebbiAllen Tower shared her first beginner/intermediate line dance THELMA & LOUISE! And this is the only live video of it!


And after that, Nikki still had us JUMP ON IT! https://youtu.be/Qt3nwbwfWJo And I have to say, the video is F-U-N-K-Y!! Shannon made sure we didn't forget how to WERK! https://youtu.be/irhev3DD0cM when she pulled out this oldie but goodie line dance. Shout outs to our line dance instructors for our review: Lisa: M-TOWN SAFARI! - https://youtu.be/FUL9RjZW7EA Shannon: OLD TOWN ROAD! https://youtu.be/MXVOBemHaCM Nikki:

JUMP ON IT! https://youtu.be/HkcIeSfeuGQ

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