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5/2/19 Look out May...here we come!!

Wow, we have had to rest our dancing shoes for a minute! So yes Misha, we do WANNA PARTY! https://youtu.be/sC-Z5VxymO0 Lisa was representing her California roots by showing us what a CALI MORNING! https://youtu.be/VNxXSmluCnA looks like. Shannon took us back to catch those HAPPY FEELINGS! https://youtu.be/FSXAdLwphFc. Misha reminded us that every Thursday night is about YOU! https://youtu.be/IFjy2n1r4y8. Lisa made sure we could SOSU ROCK IT! https://youtu.be/eDTjQdL-x8E.

FEATURED VIDEO: Lil Nas X has rocked the foundation of country music with this toe-tappin-foot-stompin' song and Shannon made sure we got on the OLD TOWN ROAD too! https://youtu.be/MXVOBemHaCM

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