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4/18/19 Special Guest in the house....

Updated: May 28, 2019

This beautiful lady...excuse me, Lady D Nola, grace us with her presence yet again! If you love to LEAVE IT SMOKIN'! https://youtu.be/JikOwBMEA5A she is the reason why! This day she had us SOSU ROCK IT! https://youtu.be/eDTjQdL-x8E. DO YA! https://youtu.be/3QH8MFH5IZY Yes, Shannon, we do! Lisa really took us back with but who doesn't love a good SUMMER CHA CHA! https://youtu.be/MeUsC8XFQao

And her comes Misha telling us we are not only sexy, we are TRIPLE SEXY! https://youtu.be/nPTd88blIp8 And Kevin let us know that you can still be sexy even on your way to the LIQUOR STORE! https://youtu.be/oH7nCvso0EM

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