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3/30/19 South Side Stepper Showcase!

Lisa gave us a chance to help "put line dancing on the map" by showcasing our foot-work at the Pruitt Health rehabilitation center. Yolanda opened up her home for weeks of rehearsal (even when SHE was rehabbing!) BIG THANK to Lisa and Yolanda for helping to make this a success! There you see DJ Chandra, not only making sure our music was right, but she also taught us some new dance moves that made sure our feet were tight! Tokyo was such an encouragement. She made sure "we rookies" had fun for our first showcase. W wanted to video the performance but due to privacy issues we could not include any of the residents. Would you believe Nona-Kerry was not the least bit nervous!? Again, BIG SHOUT OUT to Lisa, Yolanda, Chandra and Tokyo for your encouragement and support.

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