Our Board Members

Carolyn Reeves

Carolyn Reeves is a retiree from Fairburn, Georgia. She spent 30 years with the State of Georgia Corrections and the State Board of Pardons and Parole.  Carolyn, affectionately known as Cal-Cal, has been dancing her entire adult life and is well known in the Atlanta area for her graceful yet soulful style of dance.

Carolyn has been a member of the South Side Steppers since 2008 and has brought her graceful style, wisdom and class to the organization she loves. She has been totally committed
from the very start. Carolyn loves shopping, traveling, and dancing. She is a dedicated member of Salem Baptist Church for over 30 years where she has held several leadership positions.

She is a proud mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Her family is her greatest love, especially her children and great grand’s. Her vision for the South Side Steppers is to keep it classy.

Mary Frances Davis

Mary Frances Davis was born and raised in Henry County. Mary has worked with the Federal Government, Eastern Distribution Region, for over 30 years. She was worked as a payroll specialist during the last 30 years, her entire professional career.  She is adamant about ensuring the numbers are absolutely correct and that soldiers get what they have earned.


Mary is known for her professionalism and ability to get the job done. She is a passionate and stately woman, which brings a level of dedication not matched by many. Mary has been a South Side Stepper since 2008 when she caught the dancing bug.

Mary’s passion is her daughter and family. She is an entrepreneur and self-starter. She enjoys Arts and Crafts. She considers herself to be a “busy bee". She is a dedicated member of Christian for Change Baptist Church. Her vision for the South Side Steppers is to get a committed group, no matter the size, of people that are willing to do what it takes to make South Side Steppers the best it can be.

Arlene Bowles

Arlene Bowles was born in Atlanta and raised in Forest Park. The family moved to Atlanta in 1975. Arlene is the 3 rd of 9 children and the mother of 5 kids, 14 grand kids and one great grandchild.

Growing up Arlene loved dancing! She would dance anywhere someone would ask her. Arlene won her first dancing contest in the 3rd grade and she never forgot the song that she danced. The song was Soul Power by James Brown. Arlene’s sister and two of their friends made the dance up. Does Arlene remember the dance? No. Arlene started dancing with South Side Steppers a few weeks after Reginald Sullivan started the group. Arlene was invited by her sons’ girlfriend to come to Grown Folks Cafe one Thursday night. Arlene was lead to believe that it was an exercise class, so she attended.


Arlene came dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt. Arlene was so mad with her but stayed there and danced. Arlene has been with the South Side Steppers ever since that Thursday. Reginald is such a great leader and Arlene loves what he is doing with the South Side Steppers.