Our Talented Instructors

Nikki Towers

Instructor/Choreographer of South Side Steppers

Nikki “Debbie Allen” Towers, a native ATLien, found her love for dance at a young age while traveling and performing with the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. After 15 years of doing musical theater, she changed her focus to film.


Nikki has directed several independent films, and most recently co-produced, acted and directed a web series that won “Best Web Series” at the Bronze Lens Festival and Black Hollywood Film Festival.


Nikki had long put her dancing shoes away until she met Reggie Sullivan in 2012, who introduced her to the South Side Steppers and line dancing itself. From the moment she was exposed to the “line dance community” she was hooked. 6 months later, she found her way from the back of the stage to the front as Lead Instructor. Her passion for learning and her take charge demeanor garnered her the title of “Debbie Allen”. So far, she has collaborated on 4 dances: “Brace Yourself” and “Dinero” (both UC Nominated-Dance of the South), “Outchere”, and “Friction” and one solo dance “Ode to Olivia”.

Timisha Foster

Instructor of South Side Steppers

Timisha Monique Foster, aka “Covergirl” was born and raised in Kannapolis, North Carolina, a small town north of Charlotte. In 1994 she made her way to Atlanta, Georgia which is where she currently resides. She is a 4th-grade teacher for a local public school system and enjoys working in an urban school setting.


In June of 2010 her best friend, Tameka Watkins invited her to a local bar to check out the dances that they were doing there. She was very intrigued yet she was too scared to actually try it at first. After just a few more visits she found her way to the dance floor.


One day while at the bar line dancing, a few South Side Steppers members came in and left her speechless. The dances that they were doing were so different and the energy that they possessed made her want to dance even more. So she began attending classes with the South Side Steppers and shortly after she joined the group. Much later she decided to combine her love for teaching and her passion for line dancing together and she began instructing at the group's weekly class.

Lisa L. Howard

Instructor of South Side Steppers

Lisa LaDoris Howard is a native of Los Angeles, CA who came to the Augusta, GA area as a traveling PTA in 2003. A year later, Lisa transferred to the Atlanta area, where she currently resides. Lisa has been a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant for 38 years. Lisa believes in keeping the body physically active to maintain better health and wellness.


Lisa became a member of South Side Steppers in July 2012, while later becoming an instructor for beginner/intermediate at the end of 2013. Lisa has experience in modern jazz and drill dancing, and has always been active throughout the years. Lisa's goals are to learn other forms of dance to perfect her skills, while continuing line dancing for leisure and community activities, especially for the elderly.

Kiesha Barber

Instructor of South Side Steppers

Kiesha Barber a.k.a. Lady K started line dancing 2012 at Bigelow’s Bar and Grill which was taught by Vanice Walker. Keisha continued with them until 2014, that is, when she found out about the South Side Steppers. The South Side Stepper classes were closer to where she lived. After about a year of line dancing with South Side Steppers, Keisha became a member in November 2015.


Keisha’s love for dancing and support from the Southside family gave her the strength, inspiration, and motivation to move forward to the next step as a South Side Stepper member. In 2018, Keisha started teaching classes at the Rivertown Center in Riverdale, GA.

So, if you want to learn the latest line dances across the country and have fun doing them, come learn with the South Side Steppers.