Our Board Members

Reginald D. Sullivan

CEO, President of South Side Steppers

Reginald Dean Sullivan was raised in Phenix City, Alabama, where he learned dancing by performing for his family at family functions.  Reginald is a very talented instructor and has been dancing virtually all his life. Reginald is a very gifted and talented Master of Ceremony (MC) and is known for his unique yet simple way of engaging the audience. He is a proud father and life member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. as well as a dedicated member of Cornerstone of Faith Christian Church of Atlanta. His favorite saying is “God Bless America.” Recently, in 2007 he began instructing and teaching dance on a more formal basis. His love and passion for dancing inspired him to form his own dance group, the “Southside Steppers.”


The Southside Steppers has been awarded the 2010 ATL Club Awards’ “Hottest Dance Group” in the ATL. In 2008 Reginald D. Sullivan founded the Southside Steppers in Atlanta, Ga. The group has evolved in and is functioning well with the motto being “Dancing Is What We Do”. There are over 60 members in this organization and they have performed throughout the southeast and locally. They are also responsible for creating more than 10 original soul line dances to date.  His vision is to put the ATL and the south on the map when it comes to soul line dancing. He is a Choreographer, Instructor, and Founder. He is a student first and loves to learn new styles and ways of dancing.

Tracy Dunn

Vice President of South Side Steppers

Tracy Dunn is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  She showed an early interest in organizing party events, during her teenage years. While assisting her aunt, a wedding director, she would notice everyone doing this dance called the Electric Slide, the Cha-Cha slide then the Wobble. Tracy just had to learn all of them and would teach them to her family and friends. Tracy discovered Soul Line Dancing in 2009 where she went with her sister to a line dance class at the local club. After dancing there for about a year, learning the basic cha-cha steps, one night a group called the Southside Steppers visited the club and showed more advanced dances, and a lot more energy.


After watching the dancers perform, she was convinced that’s where she needed to be. In 2011, Tracy Dunn became a member of the Southside Steppers. After 3 months of being with this group, Tracy’s welcoming and friendly spirit captured the eye of the Southside Steppers’ President and lead him to ask her to be the membership coordinator (where she earned the name T-Pain). After 4 months she was asked to serve on the board, which she accepted with honor. Tracy’s vision for the Southside Steppers is to keep it professional while building character and teamwork using line dancing as our unifying thread.

Nickey White

Secretary of South Side Steppers

Nickey White, also known as Pamela (business purposes only), was born and raised in Poplar Bluff, MO. Nickey relocated to the Atlanta area in 1992 with her children, Ashley and Anthony, in order to give them more choices as to what life had to offer. Nickey wanted her children to excel and become productive citizens.  Nickey’s family has grown.


She now has 3  grandchildren: Jayden, Arrielle, and Karli (her heartbeats) and a Daughter-in-law, Jasmine. Nickey started Line Dancing when she became an empty nester. She noticed that one of her former co-workers, Tremelia Heyward, posted pictures of a South Side Stepper Party.  Nickey inquired and told Tremelia, “You know I’m single and need something to do!”  Nickey finally attended a class with her Aunt and was hooked.  The first event Nickey attended alone was a Halloween Party and that is all she wrote.

Nickey joined the South Side Steppers in January of 2012 for the first six-week membership class/process.  She is a proud member of Motto 18!  After the membership process and acceptance, Nickey was willing to help the organization in any way possible to help SSS progress. In 2018, Nickey was asked to presume the duties of Secretary for the South Side Steppers which included becoming a board member.  She accepted this position with pride.  Nickey knows she has huge shoes to fill following the former Secretary, Carolyn Reeves!

Felicia A. Smith

Treasurer of South Side Steppers

Felicia A. Smith was born and raised in Atlanta, GA., aka Grady Baby.  She is the oldest of three amazing sisters, the mother of one beautiful daughter and has been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. Felicia’s passion for music started during her early childhood while her father led a singing group called “The Beligins”.  The group sometimes had her sisters to perform as back-up dancers.  In Felicia’s teenage years, her mother would take the girls roller skating which continues to be one of her favorite hobbies today.


In 2011, Tracy Dunn and Felicia were at a family event in the neighborhood called ‘the hill’ on the Southside.  Tracy and a few others began to Line Dance, so Felicia immediately asked Tracy where she could learn how to line dance. Tracy quickly replied to meet them at CJ’s on Wednesday nights.  That was the beginning of Felicia’s new passion for new moves.


In 2013, Felicia became a member of the South Side Steppers which she considers one of the hippest yet one of the classiest line dancing groups in the Atlanta area.  After five years of being with the organization, she was asked to serve as Treasurer and become a board member which she accepted with honors.  Felicia’s vision with the South Side Steppers is to maintain professionalism, team building and enhance self-motivation while having fun doing what they love to do…LINE DANCING.

Deborah Anderson

Membership Coordinator of South Side Steppers

Deborah Lynn Anderson was born on November 25.  Deb “Sassy D” is from Gurdon, a small town in Arkansas. She relocated from Houston, Texas in 2002 with her 3 children: Tony, Demarcus & Demeri. She has been employed by United Airlines, Inc. since 1987; which explains her love for travel. Deb started Line Dancing for the sake of exercise and to lose weight. One visit to a South Side Steppers class and she was hooked!

 In January 2012, Deborah joined the South Side Steppers first six-week membership class/process (Motto 18).  After completing the membership process and acceptance, she was asked to join the Membership Team.  She was later asked to serve as Membership Coordinator, because of her gift to work well with others and her pleasant personality.

Valerie Wiggs

Anniversary Coordinator

Valerie Wiggs, aka “Ms. Val” was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Valerie is a retired manager from the U. S. Postal Service, where she worked for 31 years. She is the proud mother of one sonand three grandchildren.


Valerie is a graduate from the University of Maryland. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is also a member of Electa Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, Modern Free and Accepted Masons of the World, Inc. where she serves as Grand Worthy Matron.


Valerie started going to South Side Steppers classes in May 2011. She enjoyed the dancing, exercise and fellowship. In January 2012, Valerie joined the South Side Steppers first six-week membership class/process (Motto 18). After completing the 6 week process she became a member in March 2012.


She loves her South Side Family!!!